Geocaching 101 :: Langley, BC :: Portrait :: Day 174

black and white portrait of young boy geocaching

black and white photo of young boy geocaching

Owen and I tried Geocaching for the first time tonight. Man, was it ever fun! The first Geocache we found was pretty easy and we pulled it off fairly quickly. The second one, not so much. I ended up climbing a gigantic oak tree, about twenty-five or thirty feet. Dang! I was actually a little frightened climbing that high. I must be getting old.

The whole reason for starting this was to find an activity that Owen and I could bond over, I think we succeeded. Owen had a blast and asked if we’re going out again tomorrow night.

Cliff Very cool, Keith. Glad you and Owen had fun.

KeithG Thanks, Cliff. You will have to come out with us sometime!

Mike R Did you share your experience online? What was in your Geocache box?

KeithG Yes, we went to the Geocache site and logged. The first cache was a small one and inside were a few tiny kids toys and a log book. We signed the log but didn’t bring anything to trade so we left everything as it was. The second one was micro sized and just contained a log book. Owen and I have already been out a few more time since!

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