Haro BMX Bike :: Langley, BC :: Portrait :: Day 360

haro bmx racing bike black and white

Owen’s new Haro BMX in action.

Strobist: Nikon SB-800 with 28 inch Westcott softbox camera right, triggered by Cybersync.

Jane cool bike Owen!!! Great shot Keith 🙂

Merry Christmas :: Langley, BC :: Portrait :: Day 359

3 kids in feet pajamas

_DSC0062.NEF _DSC0063.NEF _DSC0064.NEF _DSC0065.NEF _DSC0066.NEF _DSC0067.NEF _DSC0068.NEF

We had a really enjoyable Christmas day spent in our cozy home in Langley. The kids got these wonderful feet pajamas from Santa in their stockings… even Owen liked his. And tonight, we cooked our first ever Christmas turkey with all the fixings.

Today was a good day. Merry Christmas!

Strobist: Alien Bees 800 with 50 inch softbox above camera, triggered by Cybersync.

Sharon That’s awesome! we got everyone footy pajamas too! glad your christmas was relaxing:)

Jane These are great shots Keith!! Ben’s sporting some Galick hair 🙂 Glad you all had a great Christmas!!

Rhonda Beautiful as always. Merry Christmas to you all!!

sueg Amazing dinner…amazing family! Thanks so much!

Pardeep Wish they made feety pyjamas in my size. Cute pic 🙂

Tracy Jackson love the photo!! merry christmas keith to you and your family, thinking about you all:)

Converse All Star Slip-On :: Langley, BC :: Still Life :: Day 358

converse all stars slip ons

converse all stars slip ons

A few simple shots of my converse all star slip-ons. I don’t know why I like taking shots of my shoes so much… but I do. A few others of photos can be found here, and here, and also here. I’m sure there are a bunch of others too.

Jane You OWN the converses man!!

o hipster!

Banzai! :: Langley, BC :: Portrait :: Day 357

man canon balling into dumpster at night

black and white skateboard photo with light blur

This is my dear friend, Ted. And yes, he is indeed canon balling into a dumpster. Ted and I were best friends in high school but shortly after started heading our separate ways. Now, with similar family values and a love for the arts, we have slowly but surely grown close again.

It nice to have you back, dude.

Jane Awesome pics Keith!! The famous Ted 🙂 A wee bit smelly after this photoshoot…. 🙂

Trish It’s sooo cool when a friend comes back.

Ted and I tell ya, it’s great to be back!! That was fun.

Trish …FUN and stinky !!! Just the way Keith likes it 😉

Garage Band :: Langley, BC :: Self Portrait :: Day 356

black and white rock band photo

man jumping with guitar black and white

Owen got a drum set for his birthday and he’s been banging away at them every chance he gets. I pick up my guitar sometimes and we jam. The first song we played together was Punk Rock Girl by the Dead Milkmen. So much fun!

Strobist: Alien Bees 800 with 22 inch socked beauty dish camera left, Alien Bees 800 (bare) camera right – behind Owen, triggered by Cybersync.

Misty Rock on boyz! Rock on!

Jane Rock n’ Roll hoochie coo!! Amazing shots Keith!!

Lana man u can jump high!!

sueg Love it! How fun!

Tracy U i love love love this one!!! I want to do this with Caine one day! You’re a cool dad!

Donnalin I love it! He’s going to be famous…

o very impressive.

Trish Simmer down, who cares how high you can jump off the amp !! OWEN is Super Cute back there!

cliff That’s awesome!

11:30 :: Langley, BC :: Self Portrait :: Day 355

portrait of man wearing hat and headphones

This is all I have tonight.

Dang, it’s late.

Strobist: Alien Bees 800 with 50 inch Westcott softbox camera left, Alien Bees 800 with 20 degree grid camera right – behind subject, triggered by Cybersync.

Tracy U hey mr dj…. great light!

Same Old Same Old :: Langley, BC :: Portrait :: Day 354

black and white photo of girl standing against fence

black and white portrait of girl wearing toque

Isabelle has the same chapped lips as Day 1 of this project. I guess some things never change.

Tracy U I see old soul in those eyes. She really is lovely! Great pics!

o your girl looks wise beyond her years.

Pardeep The beat goes on, the beat goes on …

Rhonda She is soooooo her father’s daughter.

Barb Hinsche oh my goodness….all i see is Sue…an incredible beauty…amazing! hugs. barb

Gettin’ Things Done :: Langley, BC :: Portrait :: Day 353

man wearing suit holding sledge hammer

man wearing suite smashing tv with sledge hammer

This is my best friend. We have known each other since Grade 6. We met while pedaling our bikes (in opposite directions) around a cul-de-sac. True story. Each time we rode around, we exchanged a few more words, and the rest… is history.

If there was ever that one moment in time, where you could only pick one person to help you out, this is who I would call. He is a doctor (I’m very proud of this), an Uncle to my kids, and a rock solid friend that is always there.

He also looks pretty cool smashing a TV.

Love ya, man.

Strobist: Nikon SB-800 with 60 inch shoot thru umbrella camera right, triggered by Cybersync.

chrissy Vix This is awesome!!! Love the before & after shots together! Cliff must of had fun!!! 🙂

Jane Very cool pics Keith!! In a suit smashing a tv under an overpass… couldn’t be better!! looks like a mafia underground tough guy!

cliff Love ya too, dude; you’re the best friend a guy can have and someone who’s always been an inspiration to me. And yes, shooting this was an absolute blast.

Sara BEYOND wickedawesomecool!!!!!

o outstanding, nice suit. cliff is awesome.

Deena gotta love best friends…

Hayshaker in the second photo, is that a dog by the pillar in the back?

Trish I wanna do that too !! That’s awesome.

Come Out From The City :: Langley, BC :: Portrait :: Day 352

christmas portrait of girl

This Christmas portrait was a family effort. Christa was my model, Isabelle and Owen swung Christmas lights to the get the cool background, I took the photo, and Ben, well he just got in the way.

Strobist: Alien Bees 800 with 50 inch Westcott softbox (orange gel) camera right, string of Christmas lights being swung up and down in the background, triggered by Cybersync.

Jane Very cool effect!!! Family effort. Nice!!

sueg Well done…….how fun!

Tracy U Background is amazing and foreground is beautiful as always!

Denise That looks like a lot of Christmas lights they were swinging…hehe. Awesome effect! 🙂

o this photo of Christa looks bittersweet, sad and pretty at the same time.

You Me And The… :: Langley, BC :: Portrait :: Day 351

black and white close up of boy

My Owen, Mr. Serious.

Such a good kid.

Strobist: Alien Bees 800 with 50 inch Westcott softbox aimed straight at subject, triggered by Cybersync.

sueg The look in Owen’s eyes almost makes me want to cry.

Jen Hi there, amazing photo. I was wondering if I could use it for a school project?

M o r e   i n f o